Inclement Weather

When inclement weather poses a threat, BMAG may adjust or cancel scheduled hours of operation, classes, programs and/or special events. 

If there is the possibility of bad weather occuring, please check our Calendar to see if a course is cancelled or changed for a specific day.

Always, PLEASE check the calendar before you leave and/or drive to the studio for any courses – bad weather or not – as we try to post any updates as soon a possible.

Typically Bellingham does a pretty good job of keeping the streets cleared, and the Studio is on a route that is needed by commercial vehicles and is closely paid attention to.

IF BMAG or the Instructor needs to cancel a course, per our policy we would refund the cost of the course.  

Communications Committee Meetings

This Monthly – Third Thursday meeting is open to any BMAG members and all other committees that would like to help with ideas, concepts, coordinate, or assist and/or contribute. This committee is responsible for general Guild correspondence, publications & forms, advertising, social media, the BMAG website, our email, phone, data storage systems, and manages…

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New Changes to Website

We are currently in the process of updating the website so we would appreciate your patience and letting us know immediately if you see ANYTHING strange using the form below and check: “Possible Issue with Website”  Please give us as much information as you can!

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New Membership Rates

The Board of Directors at our August 6th 2018 meeting decided that it was in the best interests of BMAG to raise our membership rates to help us continue to move forward in our Mission and Goals.  This is the first time to raise the rates in the 5+ years BMAG…

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