Message from the President

Greetings BMAG Members,

Your Board of Directors has been hard at work this last Sunday and Monday doing a two-day retreat to write a three-year strategic plan for BMAG. As an organization, we have been making tremendous progress to both increase the benefits for members and meeting our obligations as a non-profit organization supporting our local community. Our starting point for the strategic plan was what you as members expressed as your vision for the future of BMAG during our annual meeting last May. Here are just some quick highlights from the work we accomplished:

  • One of the critical needs we must address is finding a better studio facility. As we all know the current space limits our ability to do some of the member requested activities such as regularly scheduled casting sessions. Because of class size limitations as dictated by space, we cannot have as many classes as we would like to have that are lead by nationally and internationally recognized experts such as the upcoming class on salt water etching. WE NEED MORE AND BETTER SPACE. Finding and moving into this space is a critical issue.
  • We also recognize that some of our current organizational structure discourages members from actively participating as BMAG volunteers. Part of what needs some fine-tuning is going to require a change in our By-Laws. Volunteering to be on the Board of Directors for three years is a long time.
  • We also recognize that BMAG has not done as good a job as we could under the current structure to develop fund raising activities to support BMAG. We are addressing that as well.
  • Finally our most important work is to increase the benefits to members that participating as volunteers. This must start with a better recognition that BMAG only exists because of the active participation of members – not just those of us on the BOARD!

I hope many of you will come to the September meeting to learn more about the changes in BMAG. As a quick change, starting in September we are encouraging members to bring in items such as tools, or supplies that they are willing to sell or share with other members. Following the meeting topic of the September meeting on stone identification lead by Candi Gerard, I will be bringing in trays of both real and synthetic stones you might want that will be a very friendly prices.


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