Studio Policy Change

The BMAG studio exists for the benefit of BMAG Members. It is a particularly valuable asset of BMAG for those that do not have their own studios or all the equipment that is at BMAG.  There are two recent changes regarding the studio use approved at the most recent BMAG Board meeting:

  • First, BMAG will no longer have change available in the studio. You will need to bring exact change to pay any payments to BMAG such as Members Open Studio (MOS) use. For the present, this will need to be cash or check.
  • Second, the Assisted Members Open Studio (AMOS) hosts will no longer be asked to pay for using the studio when they are hosting. While a regular MOS host is there primarily to work on their own work, the AMOS host is there primarily to help others.

AMOS hosts, assist other studio users, can do the safety check to approve folks for studio use as AMOS or MOS users as well as do secondary reviews where someone that previously has only been approved for AMOS use can be upgraded to full MOS use approval. Of course an AMOS host can work on their own work as well, but this is secondary to the reason they are volunteering – volunteering to help less skilled members of BMAG gain confidence and skills as they practice metalsmithing.


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