Free Presentation – Musing on Metals

Whether you are buying to make your own pieces or you are an end purchaser, do you know the metals used in jewelry?  What is the difference between markings of 14k, 14kGF, and 14kGP?  Where is your best value as a consumer?

Walt Hekala, past President of BMAG, will give a short presentation on the metals he and Elizabeth Rhyneer use for the pieces they make and sell as WE Talking Stones.  Whether you are an active member of BMAG making your own pieces, or just an interested purchaser looking to be an informed buyer, this presentation/member discussion on the topic of various metals used in jewelry making will be enlightening.

Come join us at the BMAG monthly meeting Wednesday September 19th – 6:30pm @ Allied Arts Gallery
(1418 Cornwall Ave, Bellingham WA   Click for Directions / Parking Tips)

We will be Socializing from 6:30pm to 7pm followed by the Monthly Show & Tell, the Presentation, and more fun as we get to know each other.

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