Every year our members have to take an active role as volunteers to keep us running, offer education & activities, and expand our community service.  If you would like to volunteer, we will work with you to find the best match for your time and talents. 
Come Join us in building BMAG…  Everyone can help in some way.


Consists of the Board of Directors & Officers and is responsible for the business management of Guild activities.  Our Board of Directors


Determines membership development plans and recommends any changes in benefits and dues. Maintains a database of members and other interested people.

  • Volunteer Coordinator[2]
    Works to find volunteers, answers questions about volunteering at BMAG, publishes our current needs, and helps ensure volunteers are doing what they enjoy and are comfortable with. 


Determines educational opportunities such as classes, workshops, lectures, slideshows, and discussion groups.


Responsible for general Guild correspondence; maintains the website, email & phone systems, our data storage and social media; manages the on-line ordering system.

  • Incoming Emails[1]
    Reads and Forwards on to the proper person any emails sent to our general Info@ account.
  • Calendar[2]
    Coordinates the dates for AMOS/MOS and enters them into the calendar along with classes, meetings and special events.
  • Media Publications Notification[3]
    Takes our class, meeting or special events information and sends it to the main-stream media outlets via their websites.
  • Social Media[2]
    Post about Information & Events that might be of interest to the membership on our FB Page & other Groups. We also have Instagram and Twitter accounts that need love and attention.
  • Newsletter[4]
    Create a monthly document in Word to inform and engage the membership and general public.  


Responsible for creating and reviewing budgets; soliciting various committee budgets and projects for budget consideration and recommends projects to be funded. 


Plans and implements fundraising activities.  


Manages the daily operations, maintenance and cleaning of the Studio.  Also is responsible for finding, training and coordinating the Members Open Studio (MOS / A+MOS) staff.


Exploring the possible functions, physical requirements, and the desired location of a new larger home for the Guild.

Who is doing what Roles currently:

Membership Committee Chair – Claudia DeWees

Volunteer Coordinator – <open>

Education Committee Chair – Becky Williams

Communications Committee Chair – 

Incoming email distribution – <open>
Calendar – Lisa Dailey, Steven Anderson
Media Publications Notification – Karen Espeland

Social Media – Sacha Bliese, Victoria Roberts, Steven Anderson
Newsletter Editor – <open>
Proofreading – Laney Clark

Website, eMail & Phone System Administration –
MailChimp – Lisa Dailey

Finance Committee Chair – Sacha Bliese

Community Outreach & Fund Raising Committee Chair – <open>

Donation Project Manager – <open>

Studio Manager – Steven Anderson

Studio Facility & Equipment Maintenance – Ben Schwartz

Studio cleaning – Steven Anderson

* Any roles marked vacant are active, but are done by members of the Board and others as time allows.  It is very important that we try to alway have all roles filled so the work is spread out to make it easier.

[#] Difficulty / complexity (approximate) ranked 1 to 5 with 1 being the easiest to do. We will help you learn at any level, but having a relatively up to date computer is a minimum requirement for all of them.

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