FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Please keep the Membership payment a totally separate transaction so you receive the Members Discount Coupon Code first (if the membership type qualifies) and then use it in other transactions to order Courses.

NO. These coupons expire and the date range they are valid for is in your Membership confirmation email.  Only use the most current code you have been provided.  A valid Member’s Coupon Code can be used multiple times during its date range.

We never even see that information as it is all handled on PayPal’s system.  So no, we do not have or keep your credit card info.

No.  We have no clue what you assigned to yourself as it is encrypted, and we have no access to it.  However you can tell the system you Lost your Password on the Shop > My Account page in the Login section.  If you are having trouble with that, please contact us.

Go to the Membership tab in the main menu.  Types of Membership are listed and for more details on them, just click the associated Icon.

  • On the details page you can click Add to Cart and then Check Out.
  • In the confirmation message from Us, is your Members Discount Coupon Code if the membership type you selected qualifies for it.
  • We recommend you do become a Member or Renew before signing up for any Courses so you can use the discount.

We strongly recommend you read the courses Details page first and order from there.

  • Any place you see the Add to Cart button, just click it.
  • The Course is placed in your shopping cart, and you can go back and add more if you desire.
  • Our Cart works just like most others online, including a box to enter any Coupon Codes you might have.
  • If you wish to remove an item, just click the red X to the left of its description.
  • Once you are happy with the contents of your Cart you click Check Out.
  • You must Checkout within 15 minutes, after that your Cart is automatically cleared.

When you view your Cart, there is a box you enter the code into, which is to the left of the Apply Coupon button.  If your coupon is Valid for the items in your cart, it will tell you it has been applied.  It also has other places where it asks you if you have a code.

You have a Maximum of 15 minutes to Check Out and have your payment verified for any items in your Cart. This is done so that Courses that have a limited number of spaces available are not reserved without a payment.  This also makes sure that Materials and other Items are not taken from inventory prematurely.

The timer starts with the First item you place in your cart..

During the transition to our new system:

  • If you have one of our older certificates that does not have a coupon code printed on it, Please contact Orders@BMAG-WA.org for assistance.
  • If yours has a coupon code on it, first put into your Cart any matching item(s) the certificate is for and then enter the coupon code. The certificate code is only valid for the terms stated on each certificate.
  • You might have not hit the SUBMIT button on our  CHECKOUT page and moved off of it
  • You might not have hit the PAY NOW button on PayPal to complete the order
  • – OR – had delayed  in doing either beyond 15 minutes (maximum time an item can be in the cart).

Also see this for further information:

What Payment types do you accept on the website?


Once the email goes out, you are removed from the waitlist.  Just go back in and put yourself back into the waitlist for the next time.

At the time you entered the Code, you had the correct matching item(s) in your Cart.  But you later deleted the matching item.. so the code is no longer valid and therefore not used.  You do not lose the code if it is not used in that order.

If you become a member or renew from October 1st through December 31st your membership continues on to the end of the next year.

We are working on that capability for the website.  But for right now, contact Orders@BMAG-WA.org with your information & needs and we will work it out.

No.  Sorry, that code is ONLY for use within your membership parameters.  Please see Membership tab and/or our Terms & Conditions information under the Shop tab. We track who is using coupon codes carefully.

When you return to our website from PayPal, you are directed to a confirmation page with your order number and details.  You also will shortly thereafter receive an email from Orders@BMAG-WA.org

That just means the Course is already full, or not currently in the schedule, or not offered online.  You will see instead a Read More and/or Join Waitlist button.

  • Read More only is shown when you are not on the Details information page, and it takes you there.
  • Join Waitlist allows you to put in your email address, and we will automatically send you an email when the course is again

We recommend you allow all emails from the domain:  BMAG-WA.org   or  add us to your contacts list.

This will also allow the images / pictures in our emails to display to you easily.

If you have a Membership Coupon Code and items in your cart qualify, it gives you the Membership Discount.   Other special coupon codes are issued from time to time and do similar specific things.   If you try to use a code and do not match its requirements, you will be notified.

In order to provide the best service to you, when you register on the site or place your First order, we create an “account” to keep your:

  • First and Last name
  • Billing (and if needed shipping) address
  • Details on any Orders you have placed – so we can help you and you can see your Order History
  • Email address
  • Phone number – in case we are having trouble contacting you via email, or it is an important question regarding an order.
  • The User Name you selected
  • An encrypted Password you provided

Huge, as it allows for better course management and communication:

  • For you, it sends an email out telling you when the course has been put back on the schedule and can be signed up for.
  • For us, it helps us know how many people are seriously interested in taking the course when offered. This helps us judge the frequency a course is offered and when.

In person we accept Cash or your Check only.  This might change in the future.

Online we accept Credit/Debit Cards and PayPal.  All of these types are processed via PayPal,
but you do not need a PayPal account.

  • PayPal accepts all major credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover that do not require a PIN or Password.
  • We do NOT accept PayPal eChecks
  • When you are transferred by us to the PayPal system, they will instruct you on how to pay directly by your Credit Card or via any PayPal account. We do not ask you for your PayPal information or password.
  • If you find your credit card is not being accepted by PayPal with a message such as “The card you entered cannot be used for this payment.”  Please enter a different credit card or debit card number.
  • Once your payment is complete on PayPal, you will get a new screen showing your confirmation number and a large bar to click on to “Return to Merchant” which is us.
    Please do that, as you will see a confirmation of your order.
  • You will also get a confirmation email directly from Orders@BMAG-WA.org as well as one from PayPal. Please make sure to check your inbox (and spam box just in case).

Memberships run from January 1st to December 31st, but you can start renewing for the upcoming year in October (which we recommend).

They are located under the Courses tab on the Main menu.

  • You will see sub-menus: Currently Offered (everything in the current schedule) and Full Catalog (not all courses are there yet).
  • Find the course you are interested in via either page.
  • Then click on the Photo area to go to its Detailed information which includes the Course Fee(s), a short Description of the course, the Dates, Who is doing the Course and any Prerequisites. Further down the page is the expanded Description and other Course suggestions.

Under the Main menu Shop tab, there are several sub-menus.  Select My Account.  There you can:

  • View your recent orders
  • Manage your shipping and billing addresses
  • Edit your password and account details
  • Log out of your Account

There is a Contact Order Manager menu item under Shop.  It will ask the questions we need to help you as efficiently as possible.  You may also directly send a message to Orders@BMAG-WA.org (same place, but we might have to email back to ask what the form asks you)

This would be a Course that is not in the current schedule or has already started.  We will put in the new dates as soon as we re-offer it.

  • We would suggest you Join Waitlist to be advised of any course you are considering taking.
  • We will then send you an email as soon as it is scheduled.

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