Class sizes are kept small (6 to 8 students) in order to provide ample student & teacher interaction. You must be 18+ years old as required by our insurance carrier. Our studio location in the Bellingham Harbor Mall provides free parking and is handicap accessible (including bathrooms).  See our Terms & Conditions page for cancellations information.

  • Currently Offered – The most current Information & Course Registration can be found by clicking on the individual items on this page.
  • Complete Course Catalog – All courses, current and those not currently scheduled.
  • Instructors – Information about each Instructor.
  • Open Studio (MOS/A+MOS) – Member’s Open Studio (MOS) and Assisted+Member’s Open Studio (A+MOS) allow qualified members to work independently in the BMAG studio.

If you would like to locate a course by date, the Calendar shows the schedule for meetings, courses, and events.


Please check classes for complete details before ordering.

  • You have 15 minutes to complete an order before the Cart contents are cleared.
  • By placing an order you are accepting our Terms and Conditions.
  • You must have a current membership and the discount code in order to receive any discounts. You can find your discount code in your Membership Order Confirmation email from BMAG. 
  • Many classes require an additional material/kit fee for items provided directly by the instructor which cannot be discounted.
  • Currently Offered courses with an “Add to Cart” button have open spots and can be signed up for. Those that have a “Join Waitlist” button are already full or not currently offered. Joining a waitlist helps us determine which classes to schedule.
  • Fast Track offerings are those that are done over a compact period of time or entail a lot of work performed per session.  See the Complete Course Catalog for all options.

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