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Be sure to have a current membership (and the coupon code) before adding items to your Cart in order to receive any discounts.  BMAG Members receive a discount of 10% off most Courses (you are sent the Discount code in your Membership Order Confirmation eMail FROM BMAG – Please look for it).    Note:  Many require a small additional material/kit fee for items provided directly by the Instructor, which can not be discounted.

Currently Offered  Courses that show “Add to Cart”  have open spots and can be signed up for.  

Any, including those in the Complete Course Catalog, with “Join Waitlist”  are already full or  not currently  offered, but joining a Waitlist helps us determine how often to schedule a course!

Fast Track offerings are those that are done over a compact period of time, OR  a lot of work performed per session – rather than the regular schedule (typically 1 class a week, over 5 weeks).  As many folks ask for a course both ways, we often offer both types.  See the Complete Course Catalog for all options.

Sizes are kept small (maximum 6 to 8 students) in order to provide ample student & instructor interaction and can fill up quickly.  By registering you agree to our Terms & Conditions which cover cancellations and other information.

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