Studio Use Training & MOS Certification



If you are not MOS certified and want to be,  you must take this workshop!  But if you are already certified and want a “refresher” on the studio use you can take it as well..

To use the BMAG studio it is required you pass a simple quiz on the basics of tool use, metalsmithing, and safety.  During the workshop you will have the opportunity to acquire all of the knowledge you need to pass.  

Upon successfully passing  the certification you will receive two(2) coupons for A+MOS (Assisted Members Open Studio) access which are equivalent to the cost of this workshop. 
See more details and workshop outline below.

Date:   October 2nd, from 6:30-9pm

Note:  We try to have this available at least Once per Month..

Prerequisites: Must be a current member in good standing. Should have some prior basic metalworking skills or have completed one of our Basic Metalworking Courses.

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What is covered:

  • How to check in for MOS
  • General Safety
  • Basics of Metallurgy (the properties and types of metals)
  • Hand tool usage
    • Hammers
    • Saws & Files
    • Pliers & Wire Cutters
    • Burnishing tools
    • Forging
  • Common workbench tools
    • Mandrels
    • Forming Blocks
    • Dapping Punches
    • Metal Brake
    • Bench Pin
    • Bench Vise
  • Drill Press
  • Metal cutting Shear
  • Rolling Mill
  • Flexshaft Basics
  • Basic Soldering
  • Pickling
  • Power Disk Sander
  • Buffing Wheels