Using the Studio (AMOS/MOS)

Beyond being a Teaching facility, the BMAG Studio provides Qualified Members* of the Guild with the opportunity to avail themselves of the extensive specialized metalsmithing tools, equipment and facilities we have. The studio will be open to members during scheduled times by a Volunteer Host
Always See the calendar for dates and times and to check On The Day to make sure it has not been cancelled (rare, but it can happen)

* Members are required to have completed the Members Open Studio Certification.  Members should supply their basic hand tools if possible and must supply all materials for their own projects.

This use of the Studio requires each member1 pay the fee each time (see below) in person at the Studio. Please bring the Exact FULL amount in Cash / Check or the appropriate coupon, we do not have change available at the Studio.  No Partial payments or I.O.U.’s are accepted.
 Note: There are advantages to being a AMOS/MOS Host2, are you Interested in being one?

Assisted Members Open Studio (AMOS)

If you took a class but would like a little extra guidance this is a great opportunity to gain confidence in your skills, or you just want some extra help or advice on how to do something, this is designed for that.

During these sessions the Volunteer studio host will open the studio and is there specifically to Mentor and Assist you personally in further developing your skills as well as having the Studio Open for Regular MOS too.

1,2AMOS hosts are not required to pay their fee for the Studio time as an incentive.


Members Open Studio (MOS)

During these times a MOS Host will be there to open the Studio for everyone and will be working on their own projects. Other Members are welcome to come in and work alongside and have fun together while working. Many members come in on a steady basis for these days and benefit greatly by it.

If you contribute pieces to the Donation Project, you are given free MOS time per piece you provide.  See the Donation Project for further details.

We are always looking for more members willing to be MOS hosts. 2As a Host you have a key & can request times to have the Studio open that match your schedule!


If you pay online, you must bring a printed copy of your receipt for the Host!

Becoming a MOS or AMOS Host is an easy process, and is by approval and certification from the Board.  It includes additional information & policies regarding how to open and close the studio, checking that a member has the proper MOS certification, and writing receipts for the members payment, etc.

All Hosts are required to ensure that members are working safely and using the tools and equipment properly.

Hosts work with the Communications Committee to get approved hosting days, and have their scheduled days for inclusion in the calendar at least 2 days in advance so it can be advertised.  This lets members have time to schedule themselves so they have time to attend the MOS or AMOS, and avoids conflicts with teaching days and other reserved uses of the Studio. All hosts need to be at the studio the entire time they have published and cancellations must be done as far in advance as possible, as the calendar will have to be changed to let others know.

Request to be a New MOS or AMOS Host

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